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KMyFirewall 1.1.1

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thanks to those who have already donated!
Here you can download the KMyFirewall source and the Fedora RPM packages. Please keep in mind that these releases are development versions, so some features are not implemented yet, but it's quite usable for setting up a "Personal Firewall". It is recommended that you download and install the latest version for best results.

This software is licensed under the GPL (GNU - General Public License), so feel free to copy and modify this software for your needs as long as you stay conform with the GPL.

KMyFirewall System Requirements

Version <= 1.0beta1

  • Linux >= 2.4.x
  • IP tables >= 1.2.x
  • KDE >= 3.x (with devel packages)
  • QT >= 3.0.2 (with devel packages)
  • automake, autoconf

Version >= 1.0beta1

  • Linux >= 2.4.x
  • IP tables >= 1.2.x
  • KDE >= 3.3.x (with devel packages)
  • QT >= 3.3.x (with devel packages)
  • automake, autoconf

Versions before 0.9.3 do not load any modules for you if they are not already loaded or compiled into the kernel. It depends on your IPTables version if kernel modules are automatically loaded or not. So please make sure that your Kernel is configured to accept your configuration before you start using KMyFirewall.

If you want to use p.e. "Connection Tracking" make sure that the module "ip_conntrack" is loaded or compiled into your kernel. For further instruction about installing and getting IPTables running have a look at the homepage of the IPTables project.

Install Instructions

Install from source

Extract the archive (e.g. tar xvfz kmyfirewall-<version>.tar.gz) in the directory where you saved the tarball and cd to its root-directory. There you have to run the following commands to configure, compile and install kmyfirewall on your system:

./configure --prefix=<where-your-kde-root-is>
su -c "make install"

As several users have reported, KMF does not behave very well (GUI problems) if you pass the wrong options to the ./configure command. Please have a look at the source packages your distribution provides for KDE applications to find out the right arguments for ./configure. For a more detailed description about the arguments you can pass to ./configure, have a look at the INSTALL file in the source package.

Install using RPM packages

Simply download the kmyfirewall-<version>.rpm package and run following command as root:

rpm -Uhv kmyfirewall-<version>.rpm

Install using apt-get packages

Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:


And run apt-get update followed by apt-get install kmyfirewall to install the package.

Thanks a lot to Rockerssoft for providing those packages.


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