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thanks to those who have already donated!
Author and maintainer Christian Hubinger
Homepage Anton Frennevi
Artwork Anton Frennevi, Christian Deschka
Patches and other stuff Casper Planken
If you did anything for KMF and you are not listed, here please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail with your name and what you did.

Thanks to:

I would like to thank all those geeks that made it possible to have such a powerful UNIX-like operating system as GNU/Linux is.

It's still a wonder to me that there are that many excellent developers out there who are willing to share their knowledge with others (without being paid for it).

Thank you SourceForge. You are the developer platform I was looking for.

A big thank you to the KDE community for providing such a beautiful and great Desktop Environment.

Also, thanks to all the people that wrote bug reports and thanks to the people sending me patches. Without you guys the whole Internet wouldn't be what it is now - the only "free and independent" media available.

May the source be with you...

Extra special thanks to:

The KDE Team - you are really great guys.

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