Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

Main Features
Generic Interface
IPTables Interface


KMyFirewall attempts to make it easier to setup firewalls for your computer network without limitating your configuration options. If you don't have the time and/or the interest to spend hours in front of your operating system manual just to setup a simple firewall that keeps the "bad" people out, KMyFirewall will help you to configure your computer within a few clicks.

It will be the right tool if you like to have a so called "Personal Firewall" running on your worstation but it will also help you to setup complex rulesets for your network routers. Each of it's two different Graphical ruleset editors try to provide the right tool for each group of users.

Entire rule sets can be saved, so you only have to configure your rule set one time and then you can use it on several computers giving each of them a similar configuration (p.e. school networks, office, university etc.).