Chapter 6. Developer's Guide to KMyFirewall

Table of Contents

KMyFirewall Plugin framework
Rule- option/targetoptin Plugins (IPTables interface only)
Parts of an Ruleoption/targetoption Plugin
XML File describing the rule option
The .desktop file
KParts Plugin component/class
The editor widget class

As you can see this thing gets quiet big so every kind of help (coding,docs,translations) is very welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have some ideas, patches, wishes or whatever.

KMyFirewall Plugin framework

KMyFirewall extensively uses KDE's KParts/XMLGUI technology to provide an easy to and robust plugin infrastructure. Allmost every function is performed by dynamicaly loaded plugins in order to make it easy manage the code and write extentions. Especially the IPTables interface uses plugins to embeed the different iptables rule options edit dialogs.